Hall of Fame

Howard Scott - Player

Inducted in 1992

Played for the Berlin Bombers from 1945 thru 1953 season. An excellent first baseman and a terrific hitter who always batted well over the 300 average. In fact he had one of the highest batting averages over a long span of time as anyone in the leagues. He always intended to get a hit each time he went to the plate. A very dependable player and well liked by his peers. Some times when batting he had a habit of doing a certain wiggle and when he did this he usually hit a Home Run. He finished the 1946 season with 28 Runs Batted In and this was done in an 18 game schedule. Howard would have played many more years and would have probably had other records to his credit had it not been for a work related accident in 1953 in which he had one of his arms and wrist and hand almost destroyed in a machine at the Berlin Milling Company. This accident ended his ball playing, but not for the love of the game which was a happy part of his life.