Hall of Fame
Joe “Hubba” Long - Player

Inducted in 1993

Joseph Long was much traveled player around the Shore, always in demand as a scrappy catcher and dedicated player. Known on the playing fields as "Hubba" he started playing at age 13 with the Hebron town team for the 1934-35 seasons. From 1936-38 he played sandlot ball around Delmar while attending high school. Hubba started playing organized baseball with Federalsburg in 1939, shifting to Bridgeville of the Mardel League in 1940-41.
In 1942, Hubba entered the United States Army Air Corps, where he donned his catcher's equipment for various service teams until his discharge in 1945. From 1946 He played for the following teams: Salisbury "AA", Shad Point, Princess Anne, Greenbacksville, Va. Of the Marva League, and back to Princess Anne, where he stayed until 1955, ending his playing days in Delmar in 1958.
While still with Delmar in 1955, Hubba began coaching Little League and Pony League for the next 24 years. He served as league president of both leagues as well as district representative of the Eastern Shore for Little League. During this time he began his political career as a city councilman from 1958-62.
Hubba then spent four terms in the Maryland House of Representatives and in 1979 was selected state senator until his retirement in 1986. He never left his job of 35 years as a high voltage electrician for the railroad, retiring from that position in 1981. In 1982 he became one of the original nine founding members of the Eastern Shore Baseball Foundation and Hall of Fame, and contributed significantly to its growth.
Senator Long was married to Mabel H. Long and fathered four children. He was inducted to the Eastern Shore Hall of Fame in 1993 as a player, and for his long and distinguished contributions to sports around the shore.