Hall of Fame
Lee Everett - Player

Inducted in 1994

Lee Everett (Player) - He started his career in 1938 when he was 14 years old. Lee played for the Clayton, Delaware baseball team. During his 20 year career, Lee played baseball from Wilmington, Delaware to Virginia, and also the Eastern Shore of Maryland. He played on baseball teams for Sudlersville, Rockhall, Denton, Henderson, Kenton, Clayton, Smyrna, Dover Air Force Base, Middleton and Odessa. He was a power hitter who usually batted fourth or fifth and also played every position on the baseball field except first base
Lee also had the honor of playing baseball with the former Governor of Maryland, Harry Hughes and the former Governor of Delaware, Sherman Tribett. He was also privileged of playing baseball with some of the best semi-pro baseball players on the Eastern Shore.
Lee also was a big help in starting the Clayton, Delaware Little League.