Hall of Fame
Sherman W. Tribbitt - Player

Inducted in 1998

This very consistent player started his ball career at Denton, MD High School where he played the outfield or shortstop. It was then on to Beacom College for two years and while there managed to hit in the .300 range. From 1939 to 1943 he played in the MarDel League with Odessa. Again, he was able to maintain that .300 batting average. In 1944 1945 he spent in the Navy on a Destroyer. 1946 thru 1951 he played in the Victory League for the Odessa Bears. It was during these years that they were the Semi Pro State Champions, winning one playoff and losing one. In the 1947 State Championship game at home with them leading in the ninth inning 3 2 with two outs, a fly ball was hit into short right center and with a fast run in on the ball he caught it while off balance for the third out. While playing at Westerport, Maryland in the 1948 championship game he recalled that the outfield fence from dead center to the right field line was in West Virginia and the rest of the field was in Maryland. He played a total of eleven years and later became Governor of Delaware.