Hall of Fame

T. Henry Baxter - Player

Inducted in 1999

Hailed from Sudlersville, MD (Home of the great Jimmie Foxx). He started his baseball career with Sudlersville's Semi-Pro team at the age of 14. He played for Henderson Semi-Pro team in the Mar-Del League at age 16. During Henry's high school years he excelled in baseball, track and soccer. He was voted best all-around athlete at Sudlersville High School 1934-1935. He actually played on an All-Star team in an exhibition game against Jimmie Foxx in which Baxter's All-Star team won.
Henry played with Bill "Swish" Nicholson for the Federalsburg A's in the Eastern Shore League in 1936-1937 and was paid a monthly salary of $75. He spent the next three years playing for Denton's Semi-Pro team, before being drafted into military service in 1941.
Henry was a career .300 hitter and was valued for his fielding skills at first base. He retired from baseball in 1957, after leading Sudlersville to six Bi-State championships between 1948 and 1956.
Henry was President of Sudlersville Athletic Association. He was always involved with Youth Sports, Little Leagues, Pony Leagues, Babe Ruth Leagues and American Legion teams. He would always take charge of the fund raisers or charity events in the community.