Hall of Fame
Clarence “Slim” Churn, Sr. - Player

Inducted in 2003

Clarence "Slim" Churn (Player) - He began his baseball career in Virginia while attending Eastville High School in 1918. Slim had a career in baseball that lasted 36 years from 1918 to 1954. Slim and his brother, Tom, were teammates at Eastville High School. Slim's strong pitching arm and Tom's long ball hitting helped Eastville to have a winning team.
After high school Slim continued to pitch for local teams in his area. During that time, word of his strong pitching was spreading to other areas. In 1926, he travelled to Baltimore, Maryland where he played for the Triple A Baltimore Orioles in the International League. However, in 1927, Slim was unable to leave home to play professionally because his parents needed help operating the farm. He continued to help farming and would play every Sunday for local teams in the area.
During the 1940's Slim pitched and managed the Bridgetown Blue Jays. Baseball at that time was one of the major forms of entertainment on Sundays because families would come to the ballpark with blankets and enjoy the day watching baseball. Teams from Birdsnest, Cape Charles and Belle Haven would travel to Eastville on the Eastern Shore to play baseball. In the early 1950's the teams around the area at that time merged and joined the Delmarva Baseball League.
Slim's baseball career gave him the opportunity to play with professional players such as Coby Ashby, Bill Mason, Bo Gunter and Paige Ashby. Slim's love for the game of baseball continued to motivate him to play at the age of 50! Even though he lost his zip off his fastball, he could still rely on his curve and off-speed stuff to be competitive.