Hall of Fame
Don Chelton - Player

Inducted in 2008

Don Chelton (Player) - He started his baseball career pitching for Crisfield High School baseball team in 1947 and 1948. In those two years, Don never lost a game winning 7 games in 1947 and 10 games in 1948. He also had a batting average of .526 and helped the Crisfield High School baseball team win two state championships.
In 1948, Don also started his 4 year career pitching in the Central Shore League for the Crisfield Crabbers. Ed Nichols, Sports Editor of the Salisbury Times nicknamed him "School Boy" because he knew of Don's accomplishments in high school. During those years with the Crisfield Crabbers, Don pitched a one-hitter against the Delmar Railroaders, a no-hitter against the Cambridge team, and pitched a double-header against the Mardela team and won both games. He always had a winning record those four years, and had the privilege of trying out for the Triple A Baltimore Orioles at Memorial Stadium. He was offered a contract to play with the Class D team in California, but did not want to leave the Eastern Shore he loved.
After returning from the Army in 1956, Don started playing softball in the City Industrial League. During those years he played shortstop, catcher and third base for his team. His batting average was always over .325 during his softball career. He had the privilege of playing the last softball game at Harmon Field, helping his team win the playoffs.