Hall of Fame

Ella Walker - Booster

Inducted in 2009

Ella Walker (Booster) - She was a supporter of baseball all of her life. Ella was a longtime member of the Board of Directors of the Eastern Shore Baseball Hall of Fame. She was always at the Shorebird games supporting the team and working at the Hall of Fame Gift Shop.
Ella's dedication and support to the Eastern Shore Baseball Hall of Fame was so outstanding that she was honored with a room featuring all the Hall of Fame Inductees named Ms Ella's Dugout.

Here is a poem about Ella written by our Historian Donnie Davidson.


When you went to see the Shorebirds It was more than just a game
Especially in the gift shop Of the Eastern Shore Hall of Fame
Ms. Ella was working the counter
It's where she loved to be
And when you stopped to visit
It was very plain to see
Seemed like she worked every game
Without taking a rest
When it came to baseball
She could talk it with the best
She loved to talk about the Birds
Especially Brooks and Cal
And when she told her stories
You knew you had a pal
She would tell about the times
Of Florida in the spring
She talked of Rex and Elrod
And all the food she would bring
Under the counter was the program
Of the All-Star game of '93
In it her full page photo
For all the world to see
When it came to the gift shop
It was her pride and joy
She loved to see the smiling face
Of every girl and boy
She stocked Yankees things for Lana
And Red Sox for Mr. Muir
But you could tell the O's
Were Ms. Ella's team for sure
If you listen from the heavens
You can hear the angels sing
What was once The Hall of Fame Gift Shop
Is now the Ella Walker Wing

By: Donnie Davidson