Hall of Fame

Ephraim Hall, Sr. - Player

Inducted in 2012

Ephraim N. Hall Sr. (Player) - He played twenty years with the legendary Oaksville Eagles Baseball team starting at the age of 14. Pound for pound Ephraim was one of the best layers in Oaksville history. Although being short in height, he possessed a rifle arm from the centerfield position. He also had a devastating curve ball on the mound.
Ephraim could hit with power as well as average. He was an outstanding leadoff hitter who could drag bunt with ease. His career batting average was .300. He had speed running the bases on offense, and catching fly balls in the outfield on defense.
Ephraim was overlooked by most baseball teams because he made the game look so easy. He was a quiet player who let his talented glove and bat speak.
Ephraim while pitching for the Washington High Baseball team went undefeated as a junior. He was also undefeated as a pitcher at Somerset Senior High School.
During the 48 game winning streak of the Oaksville Eagles, Ephraim won nine of those games pitching.