Hall of Fame
"R.T." Twigg - Booster

Inducted in 1992

R.T. was known on the Eastern Shore from being on the Radio and TV, as a sports caster and as M.C. for many special events. He started his radio career in Philadelphia Pa. He had a show called BIG TOP which was very popular at the time. He was in the North Carolina area for a short time where he had the North Carolina basketball games on radio. He came to WICO in the early sixties. He really became known as mister sportscaster on the shore with WJDY where he had a half hour sports show. He was the first M. C. of the Eastern Shore Baseball Hall of Fame Banquet. R. T. always promoted baseball here on the shore and always kept the game in the lime light. R, T, also played ball at a early age with the Deal Island team and at one time pitched a No-Hitter.