Hall of Fame

Donald Walls - Player

Inducted in 2014

Donald R. Walls (Player) - He is part of a family history of baseball. His father Ralph was a catcher that played from the 1920's to the 1950's. Following his father's footsteps, Donald became a catcher until he met his Centreville High School coach John Selby. John decided to use his strong arm and covert him to a pitcher. That conversion to a pitcher gave him the opportunity to sign a minor league contract with the Washington Senators. Unfortunately, an injury to his pitching arm shortened his professional career with the Orlando team in 1954.
When Donald returned home from Orlando, he managed little league baseball a few years, and did some umpiring of little league games and adult softball games.
During those, he continued to play in the many Eastern Shore leagues, including the Bi-State, Mar-Del and Ken-Mar-Del. Managers would play Donald in positions that would require little throwing, but take advantage of his good hitting. Larry Morris a player and manager of the Centreville Giants who played with Donald said. "Donald without a doubt is in the class of Very Good Ballplayers".
While Donald was playing with the Kent Island Phillies, the team received uniforms, bats and all the necessary equipment from Bob Carpenter, who owned the Philadelphia Phillies at the time. One of his baseball highlights was when Donald had the opportunity to play on the same team with his father, where he was pitcher and his father was catcher.
Donald lived his entire life on the Eastern Shore and has not lost track of the sport as he has participated with his sons, grandsons and a great-grandson as they play the game he loves so well.