Hall of Fame
Stanley A. “Lee” Daniels, Jr - Player

Inducted in 2017

At an early age, this Deal Island native learned how to confuse his opponents pitching with either hand, a tactic he employed at every level throughout his career.
After making the All Bayside South All Star team in 1984-85, he played for Coach Dick Brockell in 1985. Lee started his career in the Eastern Shore Baseball League under Charlie Muir at the age of 16 in 1983. Over a 14 year span he played for Peakey's and Virginia Shores. But he was more than an ambidextrous pitcher, playing both outfield and first base. At one point in 1985, he was leading the league in hitting with a robust .492 average.
After hanging up his spikes in 1997, Lee continued to contribute to Eastern Shore baseball, coaching Little League from 2003-2011; at the Washington High School Academy for 2 years, as assistant to Brian Laird in American Legion from 2010-13; and as a manager of American Legion Baseball 2013-2016.