Hall of Fame

Donnie Davidson - Booster

Inducted in 2018

Donnie is an avid collector of items related to the history of the Eastern Shore League. He is willing to spend as much time and resources as necessary to make sure the Eastern Shore League and the history of baseball on Delmarva will never be forgotten. For many years, Donnie worked relentlessly as a board member of the Eastern Shore Baseball Foundation and still serves as its historian. Donnie was and still is instrumental in helping the Foundation operate the Hall of Fame Museum by sharing his knowledge, collection, and time. At the Museum, there are currently two complete walls dedicated to the original Eastern Shore League thanks to Donnie. Donnie has also participated in presentations at numerous locations across the Shore talking about the history of the Eastern Shore League as well as sharing his collection. He was a major contributor to Mike Lambert's book "Eastern Shore League - Images of Baseball". Thanks to Donnie Davidson, the history of the baseball on the Eastern Shore will never die!