Hall of Fame
Joseph Warren “Moxie” Carey, Jr. - Player

Inducted in 2022

Moxie, a Berlin, MD native, was a fast-ball pitcher with a knee-bending "rainbow" curve and wicked change-up. He played for Ocean City High School from 1927 through 1929. In 1929, he signed with the Baltimore Orioles of the International League. Instead of continuing his professional career as a baseball player, "Moxie" Carey became the ace pitcher for the Chestertown Washington College team from 1930-1933. The Philadelphia A's tried to lure him away from his college studies in 1931. Instead the left-handed strikeout artist became the star pitcher for Rock Hall Club in the Chesapeake Bay League. He also played briefly for the Hagerstown Club of the Blue Ridge League. Carey was inducted into the Washington College Athletic hall of Fame for baseball, football, and lacrosse in 1991. He passed away in 1972 at the age of 60.