Hall of Fame
Bobby Knight - Player

Inducted in 1985

He was truly a man with a golden arm. Bobby possessed a talent for pitching that few players could equal. Although there were quite a few excellent pitchers on the Shore at the time, but it seems Bobby had the knack for getting a man out. Determination, knowing the opposing hitters weakness he kept in his head, along with his knowledge of the game, made him a formidable opponent.
Bobby attended elementary school in a one room school house in Little Creek, wryly stating, "We had to fight Indians on the way to school. He graduated from high school in Dover, De in 1943. He entered the army that same year. He once boasted that he once played Ft. Miles and he pitched 15 innings of that game, and was relieved by fellow ESHOF member, Lee Everett in the 16th inning after playing the entire game in the outfield.
Bobby played league baseball with Hartley-Frederica in 1947, and in 48-49 and 1950 he played with Felton, Milton and Clayton, of the Mardel League before joining the Central Shore League in 1952 with Millsboro and winding up his career with the Crisfield Vets in 1954. The three years in the Central shore League Bobby compiled a record of 27 wins and 9 losses, with 273 strikeouts in 25 complete games.
Bobby worked in the construction industry until 1978 when he went to work for the Fish and Wildlife Division of Delaware for 10 years before retiring in 1988. His hobbies were golf, swimming, and bicycling. He coached and umpired little league for 15 years. Robert C. Knight was inducted into the Eastern Shore Hall of Fame in 1985 as a player of the highest caliber.